Miami County Marraiges

Bradley Richard Schlangen, 29, of 3184 Cone Flower Drive, Tipp City to Amanda Jean Ayers, 34, of same address.

Nathan Christopher Brown, 27, of 1583 Leedes Road, Troy to Chelsea Breanna Grinnell, 26, of same address.

Josie Lynn Sands, 25, of 35 S. Hufford Road, Casstown to Michael Anthony Friend, 27, of 1310 Sanders Road, Troy.

Stephen Logan Hicks, 26, of 202 N. 6th Street, Tipp City to Rachel Lynn Swihart, 26, of same address.

Brandon Lee Thompson, 29, of 717 W. Main Street, TIpp City to Todd James Silverthorn, 35, of same address.

Kharista Cantrel Davis, 21, of 8 Julie Court Apt. D, Covington to Brian Allen Barge, 25, of same address.

Marianne Rachelle Wiget, 40, 738 Cheyenne Place, Tipp City to Stephanie Renee Barton, 40, of same address.

Steven Michael Wimmers, 41, of 165 Fox Harbor Drive, Troy to Jessica Marie Kelley, 40, of same address.

Matthew Justin Baker, 38, of 5330 N. Bollinger Road, Conover to Malia Lynn Young, 40, of same address.

Kyle Wayne Bowman, 32, of 2180 Shenandoah Drive, Troy to Katie Anne Shiverdecker, 33, of same address.

Clara Kathryn Smith, 26, of 20 W. Snodgrass Road, Piqua to Joshua John Joseph Sanborn, 28, of same address.

Jamie Lynn Boomershine, 25, of 630 Wisteria Drive, Troy to Jared Adam Neely, 25, of same address.

Kaitlyn Rachelle Hays, 21, of 406 Staunton Street, Piqua to Brandon Allen McKee, 23, of 706 S. Downing Street, PIqua.

Barry Lavon Richardson, 62, of 6790 Church Court, Tipp City to Surin Black, 52, of same address.

Chad Michael Lawson, 41, of 1678 Steinhilber Drive, Piqua to Gabrielle Suzanne Clark, 42, of same address.

Alex Jay Drake, 27, of 17 S. 7th Street, Tipp City to Jasmine Nicole Clemons, 27, of same address.

Sarah Elizabeth Hart, 29, of 1550 Windridge Place, Troy to Jonathan David Jewell, 30, of same address.

Chad Robert Patton, 33, of 1240 Hilltop Circle, Troy to Amanda Michelle Hoskins, 29, of same address.

Paul Richard Curtis, 27, of 422 W. North Street, Piqua to Tawny Lynn Cherubini-Astleford, 28, of same address.

Thomas Michael Haynes, 25, of 6591 W. State Route 36, Covington to Courtney Adele Malone, 23, of same address.

Jerry Lee Grise, 52, of 4425 Brunson Lane, Piqua to LaPaula Louise Fyffe, 46, of same address.

Lester Leroy Mowery, 42, of 1304 South Street, Piqua to Robin Gail Cornett, 53, of same address.

Dominique Keanu Bell, 24, of 936 Drury Lane, Troy to Amy Renae Bodenmiller, 24, of same address.