Piqua Mayor Hinds encourages participation in Alzheimer’s Walk

PIQUA — Preparations for Miami County’s 2016 Alzheimer’s Walk are beginning, and Piqua Mayor Kazy Hinds is encouraging Piqua residents and city employees to start planning to participate for this walk as well.

“There’s a couple of reasons for me for doing this,” Hinds said. “Number one, one of my big focuses is physical fitness — walking, getting out, and moving.”

Hinds said that physical fitness is something that she has been trying to promote on a regular basis, whether through her blog or a recent show she did on Piqua Channel 5.

The second motive as to why Hinds is encouraging residents to participate in the walk stems from a more personal reason, one that she feels many people can connect with as well.

“Personally, my dad had Alzheimer’s,” Hinds said, recalling how her mother kept him at home for as long as possible before her father had to go into assisted living, as her family needed the extra help in taking care of her father.

“Having watched my own father go through this disease for 13 years and watch my mother as a caregiver going through caring for him for 13 years and basically putting a lot of her life on hold because of that, this is near and dear to my heart to do this,” Hinds said. “I think you cannot go far without finding someone who’s connected to Alzheimer’s. Whether it’s somebody within the family, whether it’s a friend … you don’t have to look far. It’s very prevalent in our world.”

Hinds added that the disease not only affects and changes the person dealing with Alzheimer’s, but it affects the family and loved ones of that person who are trying to “to make sense of what’s going on and to care for that person.”

“It changes your whole life,” Hinds said.

Hinds will also be encouraging a healthy competition between Troy and Piqua for the 2016 Alzheimer’s Walk to see which city can bring out the most participants in Miami County’s 2016 Alzheimer’s Walk. Hinds will make a formal challenge to Troy Mayor Michael Beamish during a kick-off and awareness breakfast being held Thursday morning in preparation for Miami County’s 2016 Alzheimer’s Walk.

The Miami Valley Chapter will be hosting the awareness breakfast from 8-9 a.m. Thursday at The Crystal Room in Troy. Attendees will be educated on Alzheimer’s disease, Miami Valley Chapter support and services, and invited to register a team for the Miami County Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which will take place Sept. 10 at the downtown Troy Courthouse Square.

The awareness breakfast is open to the public. If anyone would like to attend the breakfast or wants more information about the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, contact Katie Mauch at (937) 610-7014 or kmauch@alz.org.

“Walks with the Mayor” continue

Hinds is also promoting physical fitness through her walking meetings in each ward of the city. Her next “Walks with the Mayor” meeting with residents will take place in the city’s second ward.

“Let’s get out and walk the neighborhood and get some exercise, but we’ll also put our eyes and ears where they need to be with the citizens,” Hinds said. “We’re down with the citizens and bringing the different (city employees) — whether it’s the street department or storm water department, like we did in Shawnee — bring people to the citizens so they can walk and talk and show people what the issues are.”

The walk in Ward 2 will take place on Monday from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Ward 2 City Commissioner Bill Vogt, Fire Chief Brent Pohlschneider, Public Works Director Doug Harter, and Assistant Public Works Director Brian Brookhart will join Hinds.

They will meet at the entrance to Candlewood off of South Street. The public is encouraged to come and walk with them as well as bring them any concerns or questions that they have about the city.

‘Walks with the Mayor’ continues

By Sam Wildow


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