Versailles girls swimmers win at Lima

The Versailles girls swim team won the Lima Holiday Invitational for the fourth straight year, while the boys finished fourth.

Versailles results were as follows:


200 yard Medley Relay: 3rd, Abbey Marshal, Heather Albers, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Lexi Fliehman, 2:00.84; 13th, Emily Kramer, Payton Berger, Faith Wilker, Lauren Heitkamp, 2:15.23; 29th, Kari Mangen, Tori Ahrens, Courtney Batten, Claire Keiser, 2:38.50

200 yard Freestyle: 6th, Emily Kramer, 2:25.19; 24th, Morgan Frederick, 3:05.46; 25th, Kari Mangen, 3:09.86; 27th, Taylor Cordonnier, 3:17.00

200 yard IM: 1st, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 2:25.54; 3rd, Abbey Marshal, 2:30.38; 14th, Faith Wilker, 2:41.58; 19th, Courtney Batten, 2:57.77

50 yard Freestyle: 1st, Lexi Fliehman, 25.03; 6th, Rachel Subler, 27.30; 49th, Grace Francis, 32.71; 53rd, Chloe Francis, 33.37

100 yard Butterfly: 3rd, Abbey Marshal, 1:07.52; 8th, Faith Wilker, 1:15.98; 10th, Heather Albers, 1:16.11

100 yard Freestyle: 1st, Lexi Fliehman, 55.50; 26th, Lauren Heitkamp, 1:06.89; 50th, Morgan Frederick, 1:22.02; 73rd, Claire Keiser, 1:43.15

500 yard Freestyle: 15th, Courtney Batten, 7:12.22; 20th, Grace Francis, 7:51.93; 22nd, Payton Berger, 8:04.09

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 2nd, Abbey Marshal, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Rachel Subler, Lexi Fliehman, 1:44.83; 21st, Tori Ahrens, Courtney Batten, Chloe Francis, Grace Francis, 2:08.55; 31st, Kari Mangen, Taylor Cordonnier, Morgan Frederick, Claire Keiser, 2:32.07

100 yard Backstroke: 5th, Rachel Subler, 1:09.12; 8th, Emily Kramer, 1:11.86; 15th, Lauren Heitkamp, 1:18.07; 35th, Chloe Francis, 1:34.40

100 yard Breaststroke: 2nd, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 1:14.41; 4th, Heather Albers, 1:17.23; 13th, Payton Berger, 1:25.04; 27th, Tori Ahrens, 1:31.60; 31st, Taylor Cordonnier, 1:34.46

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 2nd, Rachel Subler, Emily Kramer, Faith Wilker, Heather Albers, 4:09.00; 14th, Grace Francis, Chloe Francis, Lauren Heitkamp, Payton Berger, 4:50.51; 21st, Taylor Cordonnier, Morgan Frederick, Kari Mangen, Claire Keiser, 5:54.81


200 yard Medley Relay: 5th, Quincy Baltes, Harrison Detrick, Cole Condon, Clint Morgan, 1:53.55; 18th, Pete Barga, Adam Gehret, Mitchell Huelskamp, Stuart Baltes, 2:33.17

200 yard Freestyle: 12, Adam Gehret, 3:03.58

200 yard IM: 10th, Pete Barga, 2:57.54

50 yard Freestyle: 5th, Clint Morgan, 23.73; 8th, Cole Condon, 24.86; 18th, Harrison Detrick, 26.71

100 yard Butterfly: 7th, Quincy Baltes, 1:04.76; 10th, Cole Condon, 1:05.42

100 yard Freestyle: 5th, Clint Morgan, 54.65; 8th, Kyle Dapore, 1:00.01; 34th, Mitchell Huelskamp, 1:14.37

500 yard Freestyle: 10th, Stuart Baltes, 7:50.04

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 4th, Cole Condon, Quincy Baltes, Kyle Dapore, Clint Morgan, 1:40.75; 18th, Adam Gehret, Mitchell Huelskamp, Pete Barga, Stuart Baltes, 2:07.56

100 yard Backstroke: 5th, Quincy Baltes, 1:06.97; 12th, Kyle Dapore, 1:16.23

100 yard Breaststroke: 9th, Harrison Detrick, 1:15.44; 24th, Adam Gehret, 1:38.95; 26th, Mitchell Huelskamp, 1:52.66

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 8th, Stuart Baltes, Pete Barga, Kyle Dapore, Harrison Detrick, 4:32.41

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