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Piqua native wins Guam triathlon

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Daily News Piqua native Lynn Mattix recently won the Guam Triathlon

By Rob Kiser

Piqua native Lynn (Dock) Mattix admits winning the 2015 Guam National Triathlon was not her number one goal heading into the race.

But, it sure was a nice bonus.

The 1999 Piqua High School graduate ran and biked away from the competition — after having better luck in the swimming a second-time around — to win in two hours, 43 minutes and 31 seconds.

Kristi Woesner finished second in 2:51.23 and Jessika Dayrit was third in 2:59.21.

“It wasn’t like I trained specifically to win this race,” Mattix said. “My husband (Michael) and I are training for the Florida Ironman in November.”

That event is a 70,3 triathlon, with the Guam being a little shorter event. Mattix did go into the race with some motivation.

“This event is a little shorter, so it worked out (for her training schedule),” Mattix, who has also ran five marathons, said. “I had entered the race in 2014 and I was stung by jelly fish twice (during the swimming).”

Still she finished the race and came back with something to prove.

Mattix, who is Air Traffic Control Manger at Guam International Airport, had better luck in the swimming this year.

“I have always run, but I didn’t grow up swimming, so I am not a strong swimmer by any means,” Mattix said. “There was a strong current this year. That probably made the swimming tougher, but the good side to that is the current kept the jelly fish away.”

After a 1,500-meter swim, Mattix took the lead on the 40 kilometer bike portion of the triathlon.

“I was probably about 10th after the swimming,” Mattix said. “It is an out-and-back bike course, so I was pretty sure I had taken the lead. I was the first one off my bike and led from there.”

The final trek was a 10-kilometer run.

“It is kind of funny,” Mattix said. “I thought the woman behind me (Kristie Woesner) was pretty close to me. When we talked after the race, she told me she felt like I was far ahead of her. So, I guess we had a different perspective. The run was tough. It was an out-and-back course with two loops It was 85 degrees and it is Guam — so there is a lot of humidity.”

The best part for Mattix was having her children — 7-year old Sofia and 6-year old Merrick cheering her on the entire race.

“Right now, my husband is off island,” Mattix said. “So, I have train around their schedule. They will ride bikes when I run or they will go to the track with me while I train. So to have them there at the race as I won was super cool.”

Mattix still remembers her first triathlon.

“I had always run,” she said. “But, I had never done a triathlon. Back, when we were living in Oklahoma, a friend and I decided to do a triathlon together. I swam and biked and she ran. It didn’t go super smooth, but it was lot of fun.”

Mattix has been hooked ever since.

“I like the fact there is something you can always improve on or get better at,” Mattix said. “No matter how well you do, it is not perfect. There is always room for improvement.”

But, it would be hard to top her most recent victory.

Rob Kiser is Sports Editor for the Daily Call. He can be reached at (937) 451-3334.

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Daily News Piqua native Lynn Mattix recently won the Guam Triathlon Courtesy of Pacific Daily News Piqua native Lynn Mattix recently won the Guam Triathlon
Piqua native wins Guam triathlon