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Covington finishes up 7-on-7 season

Ben Robinson/GoBuccs.com Covington’s Noah Thomas makes a diving catch

Ben Robinson/GoBuccs.com Jared Williams runs with the ball for Covington

By Ben Robinson


COVINGTON — Covington hosted an eight team pass-run scrimmage last week to close out the summer program before two-a-days begin at the beginning of August.

And after playing five opponents, Covington coach Dave Miller came away pleased with the way his Buccaneers competed on the afternoon.

“The two things I look for in a non-contact scrimmage like this is how well we compete and how physical we are,” said Miller. “I was very pleased in both of those areas, so it was a good way to end our summer.”

Covington played the likes of Stebbins, Valley View, Dayton Belmont, Oakwood and Meadowdale. Unfortunately, the Buccs never had the opportunity to play Tipp City or Beavercreek, two teams who were also present.

“Not being able to play Beavercreek and Tipp City was the only downside to the day,” Miller said. “There’s not enough time in a day, but the competition we did see was good for us.”

Dave Miller doesn’t keep track of scores in a seven-on-seven scrimmage, but by all indications the Buccaneers finished on top in each of the five scrimmages.

And a lot of that was due to the maturity the Buccaneers showed at the offensive end.

“Offensively, we looked pretty crisp,” Miller said. Remember, it is a seven-on-seven with no line, so you have to take it for what it’s worth there. Still, I felt our kids played physical and played with a lot of effort and enthusiasm. We made some athletic plays.”

None bigger than a diving catch by senior Noah Thomas in the end zone.

“That catch by Noah was symbolic of the effort our kids gave,” Miller explained. “Last year we don’t make that play.”

The Buccaneers also played well defensively, but did have some assignment issues from time to time.

“Defensively, we still have things to work on from a technical standpoint,” said Miller. “That’s expected when you consider we are still in the the summer portion of our program. We’ll get a lot of our technique issues squared away before the season starts.”

What Miller was pleased with on the defensive side of the field was with the way the kids were able to overcome their mistakes with effort.

“The one thing we tell the kids that if you make a mistake you better make it going 100 miles per hour,” Miller said. “And overall, I felt our kids did that. You look at the play by Dimaure (Ewing) on the interception. He was out of position, but was able to make a play because he was going hard. That’s a freshman who is starting to get it.”

Many freshman were thrown into the fire throughout the scrimmages, yet Covington didn’t miss a beat with them on the field.

“Our freshmen held their own,” continued Miller. “We threw Parker (Dysinger) and Dimaure (Ewing) out there at defensive back and Ian (Wilson) and Garrett (Warner) in there at linebacker and they all competed. I feel very good about our younger guys.”

If there was anything Miller was displeased about, it had to be some mental lapses at times during the scrimmages.

“The one portion of the scrimmage I wasn’t too thrilled with was we had a little lull there again Oakwood,” said Miller. “We also had a couple of instances there early against Stebbins where we didn’t secure the football the way we should have.”

Still, it was an overall solid performance for the Buccs to close out the summer as it gave Miller some tape to study before the team returns for two-a-days in August.

“I’m pleased with our summer and the way we finished it off here with our seven-on-sevens,” closed Miller. “We have a lot to work on in a short period of time because the season will be here before we know it.”

But for now, the Buccs get a much deserved week of rest.

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Ben Robinson/GoBuccs.com Covington’s Noah Thomas makes a diving catch
http://www.dailycall.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2015/07/web1_noah_thomas.jpgBen Robinson/GoBuccs.com Covington’s Noah Thomas makes a diving catch

Ben Robinson/GoBuccs.com Jared Williams runs with the ball for Covington
http://www.dailycall.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2015/07/web1_jared_williams.jpgBen Robinson/GoBuccs.com Jared Williams runs with the ball for Covington
Covington finishes up 7-on-7 season