PPP thankful for city’s support

To the Editor:

On behalf of Positively Promoting Piqua (PPP), I’d like to thank the City’s Gary Huff and Justin Sommer for excellent and thought-provoking presentations, and to also thank all the people who took time to attend our “THIS. Is Piqua!” meeting on a rainy March 6 day.

Gary’s point about how negative Piqua people were in the 2013 branding survey, compared to Tipp City and Troy, shows the size of the hill we all must climb just to begin feeling better about our community and ourselves. From my experience, people who have moved into Piqua feel so much better about Piqua than do people who have always lived here, and probably have not had opportunity to experience other communities.

Every community has potholes and other problems, but most cities our size do not have a YMCA or a YWCA – much less, have both! Most cities our size do not have the “educational road” that Looney Road represents, with our high school, junior high school, Upper Valley Career Center, and Edison State Community College – all are tremendous assets to our citizens. Most cities our size do not have a beautiful river, the hydraulic system with three lakes, the recreational path, the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency, a varied and reasonably stable employment base, and all the other wonderful assets we can enjoy. And most cities our size do not have visionary and progressive city leadership, represented by Gary, Justin, Chris (Schmiesing) and many others.

Gary beautifully demonstrated the value of visioning, and painted a bold vision for our future, with amazing possibilities, to transform our Piqua community into an even better place to live and work – exciting potential – which PPP is pleased to support.

Thanks to the 122 people, from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, who came to learn about this exciting future. For those who were not able to attend, you may be able to see the videoed version on Piqua Channel 5; you can find the schedule at http://piquatv5.com/programming.php.

Thanks also to our PPP Steering Committee and the task group who did the planning and execution for our THIS. Is Piqua! meeting. Very nice work!

The one-page flyer the task group placed at each person’s place contains more information about the many positive activities PPP has initiated, supported or been a cheer-leader for. The flyer also had a request for donations to PPP, to provide funds so we can support more positive activities to help make Piqua an even better place to live and work. If you like what PPP does, and want to assist, please contribute, and contact us at www.positivepiqua.org or on our Facebook page.

Dan French, PPP Steering Committee Chairman

— Piqua