New school needs main entrance

To the Editor:

The Covington Schools built a new school building one block off of Route 36 and decided a main entrance was an unneeded expense. This is like building a new building with no windows and no air conditioning: oh, we already did that in the past.

Instead, all school traffic is directed down two residential streets. This means that all school traffic (bus and car) is forced to intersect with pedestrians and bike riders at four-way stops. Yes, I live on one of those corners. Presently, a policeman or school employees are being used to get kids safely across the street. A main entrance to the new building and a new entrance/exit should be opened on Walnut Street as quickly as possible.

Now our newsletter says we need a new parking lot for the grade school so we can play our high school athletic events there. Where did this idea come from? Over the summer, we spent $200,000 to upgrade our high school locker rooms and it makes you wonder for what? And then our connecting walkway between buildings for our high school students to eat lunch is on hold till next year. I realize that with “global warming,” the winters in Ohio are mainly tropical, so why do we need covered access? Maybe the high school athletics should be played in the high school since the parking is there now.

Build the main entrance and then see if a new parking lot is really needed.

Just as an aside, take the fence down so people can park at the football field for the games.

— Paul Kenworthy