How do I start to change?

Editor’s Note: This is part two in Martin’s change series, part one ran Feb. 27, part two April 7

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Easter Reflection Quieting our fears

Rev. Kazy Blocher HindsThe angel said, “Do not be afraid.” We hear these words quite a bit in the Bible.But we are afraid, aren’t we? Our world tells us to be afraid, to live in fear of what could happen. We have security systems. We have creams that say they can keep us looking young. We have been taught to fear the aging process. Every where we look we find something that promotes fear.

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Does the majority rule?

Let’s pretend for a moment that people diagnosed on the autism spectrum now make up 90 percent of the population. The remaining 10 percent of the population are “typical” people and have not been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There is nothing significantly unique or different about the 10 percent. In fact, these people act alike.The autism spectrum population includes people who are verbal and non-verbal, genius or not, social or not, and confo...

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Making memories

As of this weekend, many of this nation’s large amusement parks will be open for the season. Almost instantly, these large parcels of land filled with metal and concrete will come alive with screams and smiles as games will be played and roller coasters will fly once again. For me, these are special places.

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Meet my new hero

I have a new hero, and his name is Rick Roach. Mr. Roach is one of the most famous school board members in Florida, where he has served on a local board for twenty years. He has recently announced that he won’t be running for a fifth term, because he now realizes that he has been trying to make a difference in the lives of children within a political system that is so broken that it mutes intelligent people like him. But, not running for re-election doesn’t mean he is giving up th...

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Happy (SPOILER!) ending

Warning: Some movie and book spoilers for Gravity, Europa Report, Last Days on Mars and the Martian ensue Space-themed movies and books always seem to end on a depressing note with humans meeting a nasty death and generally star or feature men. Last year’s space movies were no exception minus Gravity, a film with many positive attributes including a strong female lead and the inclusion of a (SPOILER!) happy ending.

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April’s Columbine Challenge 15 years later

The threat of school violence is all too real for me. As a school administrator’s wife, at two different public systems, I’ve lived through a bomb threat and lock down with my husband inside the endangered buildings. Yet as a journalist, there is no violent episode more personally memorable than the one that occurred in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999. Fifteen years ago, employed as a west central Ohio television reporter, I was horrified by the live footage of bloodied bod...

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Blazing a trail forward

Doing a good job takes a lot of work, but it makes a difference. Contributing to a community takes a lot of work, but it makes a difference. And blazing a trail forward takes a lot of work, but it definitely makes a difference.

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Good Friday meditation

“Into your hands I commend my spirit” (Luke 23:44-49).And there was darkness, and the hallow stench of death lingered in the afternoon air. It may have only been 3 in the afternoon, but it felt like midnight. The utter exhaustion, both physical, emotional, and spiritual, left everyone with a dull emptiness as people slowly walked away from the hill appropriately known as “The Skull.” The spectacle of the crucifixion had neared its end, and the excit...

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A gasoline leak into the basement

On August 28, 2009, after a heavy rainfall, the smell of gasoline arose in the basement of the home shared by Alessandra Riscatti, Elisabetta Riscatti, and Laszlo Beres. Worse yet, later that day, flames erupted from the sewer and spread through the house. Alessandra and Laszlo battled the fire while waiting for the Parma Fire Department. By the time they escaped their home, each had inhaled smoke that contained toxic substances, and Alessandra required treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning...

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The joy of giving

It’s been some time since the last article about an interesting individual here at Forest Hill Cemetery, with the weather changing we have been preparing and focusing on the upcoming mowing season. So let’s look at two names that have come up.Some of you may have heard of a gentleman here in town by the name of Albert “Doc” McKnight.Old “Doc” was born in 1855 and died on March 11, 1935, at the age of 80. He was always seen around town ...

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Aquatic therapy right here in Piqua

At the Hahn Hufford Center of Hope one of the programs we offer is the Aquatic Therapy & Wellness Center, where we are proud to offer Aquatic Therapy. Studies have shown aquatic therapy can build upper and lower body strength, improve balance, coordination, mobility, and muscle tone. That’s just a few things aquatic therapy can improve. In water a person’s body weight is reduced, making it possible to achieve results unattainable with land-based exercises.

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Creating a clear path to the Middle Class

In Ohio, we know manufacturing can create a path to the middle class. But during the Great Recession, that path became turbulent as plants across the country shuttered their doors and devastated local communities that depended on their jobs.But today, due to smart investments and a renewed effort in manufacturing, we are adding jobs in that sector for the first time since the 1990s. Since December 2009, the manufacturing sector has added more than 300,000 jobs to the economy. This ...

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Nothing quite says spring like baseball does

The barefoot boys with cheek of tan aren’t barefoot here. They are shod in cleats and ready for action.Those cleats carry their wearers onto a personal field of dreams—a field of storied players, a field of opportunity, a red dirt-rimmed field full of promise of the spring to come. For a few fevered weeks, the old Cleveland Indians stadium in Winter Haven, Florida comes back to life with the splendid sound of baseball.In a constantly changing pattern of arriv...

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The window that wouldn’t work

What goes up usually comes down. I say “usually” in this instance because most objects that go up come down, from flipped coins to my bank account. That’s the self-correcting function of gravity (and economics) for you. But the tired old adage of, “What goes up must come down” obviously does not apply to my driver’s side power window.Two years ago, my power window bit the big one. It was having problems going down and struggled mightily to go bac...

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Catch Watch 2014

The new digs appears to be the spot for wandering, homeless critters whether it is skunks, squirrels, birds, raccoons, possums, chipmunks, enormous toads or a cat. The latter finding its way to our back doorstep several weeks ago and won’t leave. It may have something to do with the munchkins having fallen under the stray’s spell. Which is an easy thing to do considering she is this button of a thing with gray, black and white fur, nose the color of clay, and a pathetic meow...

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Help on your taxes

When you read this, we will only have four days left to do our taxes. Shame on you. Shame on me. This being the case, and in my case a terrible case of malingering, I thought we could do them together. I have some tips for all groups of tax payers.THE “JOB DOERS” who make minimum wageI would recommend you do your taxes for starters. You will probably get back all or most of the taxes you paid and, if you made very little and have dependents, you may be able t...

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