It’s nice to meet you

There is nothing I find more unpleasant than shaking a person’s hand.There can be a lot of psychology at play with a handshake. Most guys overcompensate for their lackluster size and masculinity by squeezing as absolutely hard as they can.Other guys of impressive size and masculine quality also present a problem because they squeeze as hard as they possibly can, too, but they tend to jerk your arm practically out of socket.First, I am not a piece of gym ...

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Fight the summer learning gap

Some of the newness of summer has now worn off and the attention of many has turned to what lies ahead in our near future. One sign of things to come is the appearance of the annual “Back to School” displays in our local stores! But before we get too ahead of ourselves I want to stress that summer is not over. To the silent joy of many students I repeat … summer is not over! But I also want to repeat my annual message of fighting the summer learning gap!

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Piqua Activity Day

The Third Annual Piqua Activity Day is quickly approaching. The idea for the activity day came from a plan for the City of Piqua to be selected as a Playful City USA community. Since the conception of the Activity Day in 2012 the City of Piqua has been named a Playful City USA community.

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Historical context of public education in the U.S. (Part 2)

Public Education from 1900 to Present (Continued)

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American flags should be American-Made

As we celebrated Independence Day last week, Americans took time to honor and celebrate our great nation. One way we can continue to express our patriotism is to support American workers and businesses. That’s why I introduced the All-American Flag Act, which requires American flags bought by the federal government to be produced entirely with American-made materials.

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Signers of the Declaration

This week we celebrate the 238th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, an event that set a new course for human history. There were 56 men who signed that document, which declared that “these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, Free and Independent States…”The signers understood what was at stake. The Declaration ends with this line: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine...

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We’re on your left and the bike path is all right

It’s probably not in my best interest to write anything about the local bike path, or, as we like to call it, “our” bike path. After it first opened, we used to have it almost to ourselves, see? Now the word is out and lots of people—lots—are using it. This is what it was intended for, of course. It demonstrates everything that is right about government and community involvement. Whoever designed and executed the plan did a great job. That’s the good news a...

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If nothing else, they are predictable

I have written more than forty articles in which I have criticized, and in many cases disparaged, the educational mandates that have been created by our politicians in Columbus and that have, inexplicably, been supported by the Ohio Department of Education. While it is difficult to give them credit for anything they do because of their illogical approach to all things they touch, one thing you can do is credit them for their consistency. You can pretty much count on them to make a ridiculous ...

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The Supreme Court’s war on women

It has long been suspected that the Supreme Court hates women, although it took the court’s 5-4 decision in the Hobby Lobby case to fully reveal its blatant misogyny.The court held that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act forbids the administration from forcing Hobby Lobby — an arts-and-crafts chain owned by evangelical Christians — to cover contraceptives that its owners object to on religious grounds (specifically, four drugs that it believes act as abortifaci...

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Lean government: A concept within our reach

Three weeks ago, I attended one of the most impactful training experiences I have ever had being a public employee. It was an opportunity to learn how to make governmental processes more effective and less costly — in other words, better.The tools that were taught revolved around the concept of “Lean Six Sigma.” These tools were pioneered by Motorola to eliminate defective products and variations in their processes. I will admit, at the beginning of the training I...

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How (not) to cure a headache

I ran into my good friend Nick Brubaker last weekend. I only get to see him about once a year, so there were a lot of benign topics we wanted to cover. But the first words out of his mouth went beyond the simple courteous remarks most old friends deliver after the passage of time.Nick cared not to tell me where he works, where he was living, or some other notable achievement in his life. He didn’t ask me how I was, what I was doing these days, or how my two-year stint in pris...

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A covenant for Democracy!

The Fourth of July annually brings the citizens and communities of our country together to celebrate our independence and democracy. Picnics, parades, concerts, and firework displays are all an important part of our celebrations in symbolizing our passion of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! There is also an underlying, often unspoken, celebration in our hearts for those who have gone before us to build the foundation of our country.

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Historical context of public education in the U.S. (Part 1)

It is seven o’ clock in the morning and the sound of squealing breaks and a roaring engine of a yellow school bus can be heard in any community in the United States. Close to fifty million students (U.S. Dept of Ed) are preparing to walk into public school buildings and learn anything from addition and subtraction, to robotics and engineering. The history of public education in The United States is unique to each town, state, and culture that it exists in. Public education has been call...

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Of kitten chaos and sanity erosion: Prt. 2

Imagine a veterinarian examination room about the size of a closet (Unless you are a Kardashian this image should be very tiny) filled with seven people — five adults and two munchkins. Oh, and two very angry cats. The latter one kitten by the name of Cosmo squawking while the veterinarian clipped his nails (Cause goodness knows he was being tortured, right?) and mother cat Feathertail growling from inside what we all thought was a closed cat carrier.Then the cat carrier door...

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Let’s remember the children

It has been a month since I last wrote an article for the newspaper. In the past articles I have written about individuals whom have been laid to rest here in Forest Hill Cemetery, but with this article, I want to waver from that format to one that has stuck home more than once.You see last week our family lost a nephew to cancer, while that alone is gut wrenching try to think how it feels to have lost two in past years. Both young at 16 and 17 years of age, which is why what I am ...

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Confrontation clause

In Ohio, state law imposes a duty on all school officers and employees – including administrators and employees of daycare centers – to report actual or suspected child abuse or neglect. That’s why a preschool teacher at the William Patrick Day Head Start Center in Cleveland notified her supervisor when she spotted the left eye of a three-old boy in her care. The incident eventually gave rise to a case that came before us – the Ohio Supreme Court.

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Remember and reflect

Provided photoStanding just over eight feet tall and with a wingspan of five feet, Jim Roth, superintendent for the Forest Hill Cemetery, hopes to provide a place for anyone and everyone to come and remember and reflect. See page 4 of today’s Daily Call for more information.

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