Marriage licenses


Andrew Allan Ogden, 27, of 7270 Dayton Brandt Road, Tipp City to Erin Nicole Trick, 27, of same address.

Charles Glen Harshman, 24, of 2365 Seneca Drive, Troy to Kathryn Rynae Bauer, 22, of 5490 Houston Road, Houston.

Derek Franklin Kagey, 23, of 645 Mumford Drive Apt. B, Troy to Laura Faith Marcum, 24, of same address.

Jorge Uriel Rios-Rivera, 35, of 1205 Chevy Lane, Piqua to Jennifer Lyn Tucker, 25, of same address.

Terry Lee Nichols, 40, of 327 Glenwood Avenue, Piqua to Dianna Lynn Perry, 43, of same address.

Kevin James Mitchell, 51, of 1757 Paradise Trail, Troy to Karin Monika Coker, 60, of 118 McCraw Drive, Union.

Natalie Ann Dalton, 24, of 612 Shaftsbury Road, Troy to Aaron Paul Gibbons, 30, of 214 Tetbury, Troy.

Elizabeth Marie Malfa, 37, of 616 S. Clinton Street, Baltimore, Md. to Christopher John Kurman, 47, of same address.

Tyler Joseph Gulker, 27, of 2896 Red Oak Circle, Troy to Ashlee Marie Burkhart, 27, of same address.

Nicholas Michael Harvey, 30, of 1009 Willowdale Avenue, Kettering to Jacqueline Yvonne Werling, 31, of 1506 Andover Avenue, Piqua.

Carter Lee Denlinger, 21, of 252 Schnorf-Jones Road, Laura to Adrienne Elizabeth Mohler, 19, 2118 Harshbarger Road, Covington.

Mark Thomas Hussong, 57, of 209 N. Main Street, Pleasant Hill to Kathy Jo DeBorde, 59, of 4380 Camden West Elkton Road, Somerville.

Cory Benjamin Tomlin, 25, of 1260 Sanlor Avenue, West Milton to Jaylena Christie Overfield, 22, of same address.

Cyndi Marie Hamm, 28, of 536 Barbara Drive, Tipp City to John William Sevitts, 29, of same address.

Drew Michael Becker, 26, of 7614 Tyler Creek Land, Humble, Texas to Mindi Renee Duncan, 26, of same address.

Brett Alan Baker, 51, of 700 North Street, Pleasant Hill to Brenda Kay Smith, 52, of same address.

Andrew Thomas Cain, 31, of 216 S. Dorset Road, Troy to Kathryn Elizabeth Trochelman, 31, of same address.

Daniel Ray Shilt Jr., 33, 280 Stone Meadows Blvd., West Milton to Darren Michael Ditmer, 30, of same address.

David William Sweet, 30, of 1330 Archer Drive, Troy to Cydni Frances Chery, 23, of same address.

Jeremy Douglas Evans, 23, of 262 N. Main Street, West Milton to Kelly Leah Miller, 22, of same address.

Dameon Devon Proctor, 38, of 1825 W. Street SE, Washington D.C. to Kristen Michele Jackson, 31, of same address.

Robert Matthew Di-Angela, 64, of 573 Linwood Drive, Troy to Barrie Lee Van Kirk, 66, of same address.

Brittany Leann Reese, 27, of 503 East High Street, Cridersville to Stacy Marie Edwards, 32, of 675 Ohio Avenue, Troy.