GOP senators endorse Beagle



TIPP CITY — State Sen. Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) on Wednesday received the endorsements of all three female Republican members of the Ohio Senate in the race to succeed John Boehner to represent the 8th Congressional District. Sen. Shannon Jones (R-Springboro), Sen. Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering), and Sen. Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville) all voiced strong support for Beagle’s congressional bid and praised his leadership abilities.

“Bill Beagle will provide the kind of conservative Republican leadership we desperately need in Congress given the many challenges facing our country today,” Sen. Jones said. “I have worked shoulder to shoulder with Sen. Beagle and I know that he cares deeply about the issues that impact women, children and families across Ohio. Bill Beagle is a problem-solving leader who has the courage to make the tough decisions necessary to end business as usual in Washington.”

Sen. Lehner, who is also the former President and Executive Director of Dayton Right to Life and widely regarded as one of Ohio’s top pro-life leaders, praised Sen. Beagle’s commitment to defending the rights of the unborn. “Bill Beagle has repeatedly proven to be a staunch defender of the rights of unborn children,” Sen. Lehner said. “He has been a strong and consistent advocate on life issues and I am proud to offer my support for his candidacy.”

Sen. Manning, who like Sen. Beagle, defeated an incumbent Democrat to win election in 2010, also commended Beagle. “Bill Beagle is someone I admire and respect greatly, not just for his accomplishments, but for his character,” Senator Manning said. “I am certain that as the citizens of the 8th Congressional District come to know Bill as I have, they will feel the same way. What you see is what you get with Bill Beagle — there are no pretenses. He is humble, but tough and I know he will always fight to do what’s right.”

Sen. Beagle welcomed the endorsements and expressed his gratitude. “To receive the support of three distinguished colleagues – individuals who are true leaders in their own right – is very meaningful to me and humbling,” Beagle said. “As this campaign progresses, I will honor their support by staying true to my conservative Republican principles and serving as a strong voice for the real reform I believe Washington needs.”