ME choirs fare well

Provided photo The Miami East High School Tenor Bass.

Provided photo The Miami East High School Mixed Choir.

BELLEFONTAINE — The Miami East High School Tenor Bass Ensemble, Women’s Ensemble and Mixed Choir participated Friday, March 3 at the OMEA High School Large Group Adjudicated event.

The adjudicated event was hosted by Jeremy Karg of Bellefontaine High School. All three choirs earned Superior ratings and have qualified for OMEA SC State Choir Contest April 28-29. The MEHS Mixed Choir earned straight Superior ratings in class A.

The MEHS Women’s ensemble earned Superiors from their three stage judges and an Excellent rating in sight-reading.

The MEHS Tenor Bass Ensemble sang for the first time at contest. This group of students meets after school or during meeting period for 10 minutes. This group earned A Superior and two Excellent ratings on the stage and a Superior rating in their sight-reading. Mixed Choir students are: Daniel Baker, Alivia Bevan, Paige Blauvelt, Abigail Bollinger, Alyssa Bowman, Kathleena Braun, Logan Brown, Alex Callahan, Hannah Carpenter, AJ Christian, Grahm Clawson, Dakota Collier, Chelsea Cremeens, Tyler Fetters, Hayley Fisher, Ian Gengler, Carynne Gross, Ian Gengler, Whitley Gross, Corey Hardcastle, Alex Heim, Chloe Holicki, Hichole Hood, Gavin Horne, Karli Jacobs, Kearsten Kirby, Levi Kessler, Karley Kinard, Megan Lawson, Alyssa Loughman, Gabrielle Lozano, Kaitlyn Mack, Kaytee Macy, David Maggert, Keegan Mahaney, Dylan Martinez, Meredith McDowell, Ashlyn Monnin, Cece Moore, Madison Moore, David Osting, Neil Pohl, Jayna Randall, Braden Redick, Bryce Redick, Holden Rich, Erica Ritchea, James Rowley, Kyah Rowley, Alexandria Shore, Ethan Slack, Brynne Snodgrass, Ryan Teale, Seth Teeters, Gavin Trabert, Jackson Tucker, Madison Urban, Sam Urban, Lilli Wackler, Jillian Wesco and Lindsey Yingst.

MEHS Women’s Ensemble members are Danielle Abner, Alyssa Anderson, Brittney Cook, Hayley Fisher, Gretchen Frock, Angelique LeMaster, Gabrielle Lozano, Kaytee Macy, Grace McCalister, Rebecca Patch, Katie Pottorf, Erica Ritchea, Marissa Schellhouse, Brynne Snodgrass, Emma Vallery and Lilli Wackler.

Tenor Bass Ensemble Members are: AJ Christian, Grahm Clawson, Tyler Fetters, Ian Gengler, Alex Heim, Gavin Horne, David Maggert, Keegan Mahaney, Cece Moore, David Osting, Neil Pohl, Braden Redick, Bryce Redick, James Rowely, Ryan Teale, Gavn Trabert and Jackson Tucker.

The choirs were directed by Omar Lozano and accompanied by Melissa Lozano and Ken DeWeese.

Provided photo The Miami East High School Tenor Bass. photo The Miami East High School Tenor Bass.

Provided photo The Miami East High School Mixed Choir. photo The Miami East High School Mixed Choir.