Alleged rapist’s bond set at $2 million

Troy man remains in jail

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MIAMI COUNTY — Eric J. Massie, 42, of Troy, was arraigned on four counts of first-degree felony rape and two counts of third-degree felony gross sexual imposition in Miami County Municipal Court on Monday. His bond was set for $2 million on all charges.

According to reports, the minor came forward to Troy Police Department authorities last week and alleged Massie had engaged in inappropriate sexual contact over the course of five years. According to reports, the victim had been sexually abused since the age of 11 at Massie’s Morehead Street address. The victim claimed he would pretend to be asleep during the encounters.

According to reports, Massie voluntarily spoke with detectives and gave them consent to search his home on June 10. Officers located pornographic DVDs and multiple pieces of marijuana paraphernalia inside the home. An officer also located a journal with juvenile male pictures cut out from magazines and taped to the pages. Several of the pictures depicted cartoon captions with inappropriate statements drawn on them. Massie admitted the journal was his, but stated it was “from a long time ago.” Massie later admitted to engaging in various sexual acts with the juvenile “nine to 10 times” before requesting to speak with a lawyer.

According to court records, Massie pleaded no contest and was found guilty of a sexually oriented in Miami County Common Pleas Court in 1997. He was sentenced to serve three years of probation and register as a sexually oriented offender for 10 years.

According to Captain Jeff Kunkleman, more charges may be pending.

A preliminary hearing was set for June 21 with Judge Elizabeth Gutmann presiding.
Troy man remains in jail

Staff Reports


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