Happy Birthday to Denise Klosterman

Denise Klosterman and J.D. Harris

J.D. Harris, of Charlotte, N.C., wanted to wish his mother, Denise Klosterman, a happy birthday today and he loves her.

Denise was born and raised in Piqua, and still resides in Piqua with her husband, Rick Klosterman, and has only one child, J.D.

She is a retired teacher and used to teach at Washington Elementary School. She currently volunteers her time at the Piqua City School District by helping with field trips and assisting teachers.

In her spare time, Denise is an avid yoga participant.

Denise Klosterman and J.D. Harris
http://www.dailycall.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2015/11/web1_image1.jpgDenise Klosterman and J.D. Harris