Marriage Licences

By Melanie Yingst

July 4, 2014


Nicholas Brian Rode, 26, of 1238 Horseshoe Circle 108, Ann Arbor, Mich. to Abbie Christine Angle, 24, of same address.

Brett Lee Stover, 24, of 677 Fern Ave., Tipp City to Allison Renee Kussman, 24, of 2440 Shenandoah Drive, Troy.

Jacob Nathaniel VanBuren, 20, of 1529 Garfield St., Piqua to Chelsea Elizabeth Wright, 22, of same address.

Michael Thomas Barnett, 27, of 10730 Klinger Rd., Bradford to Amanda Elizabeth Cruse, 19, of 9618 N. County Rd. 25-A, Piqua.

Micah James Betzner, 26, of 140 Jean Circle, Troy to Sarah Maria Keith, 23, of 2525 Peebles Rd., Troy.

Arliss James Clark, 25, of 11436 State Route 36, Bradford to Brittney Marie Brookhart, 23, of 4410 W. Charleston Rd.,Tipp City.

Charles Michael Bond Jr., 50, of 1727 N. County Rd. 25-A, Troy to Shelie Marie Bensman, 41, of same address.

Rusty Lewis Chrisman, 24, of 636 S. Miami St. Apt 3S, West Milton to Brook Lynn Filby, 22, of same address.

Todd Frank Morris, 28, of 3077 Dogwood Drive, Troy to Noel Christine Bair, 27, 1313 Spruce St., Troy.

Calvin Wesley Arnold, 54, of 1142 Chevy Lane, Piqua to Cynthia Sue Matheny, 54, of 1518 Chester Blvd., Richmond, Ind.

William James Hunter, 55, of 660 Brookwood Drive, Troy to Leslie Ann Worley, 52, of 9851 Sheryl Rd., New Carlisle.

Justin Matthew Adams, 34, of 1313 Greenfield Dr., Troy to Ashley Siobhan Lawrence, 33, of same address.

John Paul Bromfield II, 29, of 5403 Fetlock Trail, Phoenix, Ariz. to Alison Rebecca Farrier, 21, of same address.

Ryan William Davenport, 38, of 6540 Studebaker Rd., Tipp City to Lisa Marie Russell, 34, of same address.

Dustin Robert Perkins, 26, of 1510 Williamsburg Pl. A, Troy to Allyson Mae Phillabaum, 25, of same address.