Construction under way for Shook bikeway bridge

By Anthony Weber

May 9, 2014

MIAMI COUNTY — The Great Miami River Recreational Trail moves closer to completion in Miami County as construction on the Robert J. Shook Bikeway Bridge continues.

With the bridge abutments now complete, crews from RB Jergens Contractors Inc. are placing two beam lines extending 288 feet in length atop the foundation. Once the beams are set, forms will be erected and the concrete riding surface will be poured. This process will take approximately 30 days to complete.

The bridge is estimated to open in August 2014 and when finished, will connect Troy and Piqua completing the Great Miami River Recreational Trail in Miami County.

The bridge is named after Shook, a long-time bike trail advocate and chairman of the Miami County Trails Task Force. The Great Miami River Recreational Trail is part of the nation’s largest network of paved, off-street trails.

For updates and pictures of the bridge’s progress, check the Miami County Park District website at miamicountyparks.com.

More information:

• RB Jergens Contractors Inc. is the construction company building the bridge.

• Construction crews are setting two beam lines 288 feet in length. Each beam line is composed of three 96-foot sections.

• The beams are made of steel and have a combined weight of 265,000 pounds.

• Two cranes will be used to place them.

• The next phase will be the construction of the bridge deck that provides the riding surface. The first step of this phase is to erect the forms for the deck’s surface. Next step includes pouring the concrete. The bridge deck will be 18 feet wide and 9 inches thick. This phase will take approximately 30 days.

• A few more phases remain after the pouring of the deck.

• The anticipated completion date of the bridge is mid August 2014, weather permitting.