19 monuments vandalized at Piqua Granite, damage exceeds $27k

By Will Sanders

April 9, 2014

By Will E Sanders


PIQUA — Nineteen monuments worth more than $27,000 were vandalized beyond repair sometime in the early morning hours of Wednesday at Piqua Granite, 123 N. Main St., the vice president of the company said.

Steve Supinger of Piqua Granite said 10 of the granite pieces were already inscribed and were ready to be delivered to Forest Hill Cemetery or other local cemeteries just in time for Memorial Day and another nine were awaiting inscription.

All 19 pieces of granite were heavily damaged beyond reasonable use and will need to be replaced, said Supinger, who lodged a complaint with the Piqua Police Department on Wednesday.

The cold-hearted act of vandalism will mean that already grieving families will need to wait even longer before their loved one’s headstone will be ready.

Of the 19, nearly all of the granite pieces came from overseas and will take at least four to six months to be replaced, and some come as far away as India and China. Of the few domestic blocks of granite that were damaged, Supinger said it will take between six and eight weeks to replace those. In addition, each inscription will need to be made.

“They just came here, ignored the signage, and just started pushing them all over,” Supinger said. “It just breaks my heart. Some of these were ordered last summer so they could be here in time and ready for Memorial Day this year.”

Supinger said he feels bad for the families that will be affected by this senseless act of vandalism.

“I can’t even come up with the right words,” a saddened Supinger said. “I just feel sorry for the families. I just don’t understand this senseless violence against inanimate objects. I don’t understand why anyone would do it.”

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism at Piqua Granite is encouraged to contact the Piqua Police Department at (937) 778-2027, the department’s anonymous tip line at 615-TIPS, or via the department’s website at www.piquaoh.org.

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