Fun for all

By Colin Foster

March 19, 2014

By Colin Foster


CASSTOWN — The Miami East High School spring musical promises to be fun for all.

People from all generations may recall popular Dr. Seuss stories like “The Cat in the Hat,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Green Eggs and Ham,” and “Horton Hears A Who!” — which is why the Miami East production of “Seussical The Musical” will be the perfect entertainment solution this weekend.

The cast of “Seussical The Musical,” will hit the stage Thursday evening at 7 p.m. for the first of three performances. The musical includes a cast of 47 students from grades kindergarten through 12th, and will have encore performances Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Miami East High School Auditeria.

“The audience should expect a lot of fun,” said Kristy Hurst, director of the musical who is the high school intervention specialist. “Seussical is based on 17 Dr. Seuss books, it’s sort of a big mash-up of stories that creates a whole new world.

“It’s going to be high energy, very colorful and a lot of fun.”

Hurst said the story revolves around Jojo (played by fourth grader Amelia Schwartz), whose imagination has gotten him into trouble. Jojo, a Who, befriend’s Cat in the Hat along the way, who helps narrate the story. Jojo lives in a small speck of dust that is rescued by Horton the Elephant (played by Austin Garrison). Horton is determined to care for the Whos and out to prove to the rest of the Jungle of Nool that he is not crazy; the tiny Whos are real. Trouble, however, ensues for Horton and Jojo when the Wickersham Brother (Cole Garrett) steals the dust speck and Horton loses the Whos. Soon after, the Whos are in a bit of trouble themselves as their land prepares for war between the Butter-side-uppers and Butter-side-downers. “Seussical The Musical” is filled with tales of love and adventure.

Hurst said it is truly a tale of friendship, imagination and loyalty, and includes some of Dr. Seuss’s favorite themes.

The cast and crew began meeting and rehearsing in January but took some big hits due to weather cancellations. Hurst said that working with such a large span of ages has been a fun process. Additionally, she said that the teens in the cast have been able to reconnect with their childhood through the Dr. Seuss experience.

“I think once they got their costumes and saw how colorful and fun this would be, they have really embraced their characters,” Hurst said.

Tickets are currently on sale in the high school office. Prices are $10 for reserved seating and $5 for general seating. Children fourth grade and under are permitted in free with a purchase of a ticket by a parent.

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