Fisher plans to run for commissioner

By Melody Vallieu

February 19, 2014

Staff Reports

TROY — Dave Fisher has announced his bid for Miami County Commissioner.

“… The recent scandal with the county facility director, the apparent lack of oversight by the commissioners and the pay-to-play mentality that seems to run rampant through the courthouse” were some of the reasons Fisher cited in a press release on his announcement to run for the office of county commissioner.

“After reading the sheriff’s report, it looks to me that this county has three blind mice in the commissioner’s office. The question is now, were they blind to it or is that what they want us to believe,” Fisher said. “Either way, that is no way to run a county. With $4 million plus in no-bid contracts to party contributors, it is in no way good stewards of the citizens’ money.”

Fisher has lived in Bethel Township for 39 years and is a lifelong Miami County resident. He graduated from Bethel High School in 1980 and ITT Tech in 1982.

Fisher was a former business owner, HVAC technician and currently works as a manufactures representative.

Fisher said he can use his personal experiences to help the working middle class. He said he understands what the middle class is going through and knows what challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. He said he also would like the government to work for and strengthen the middle class.

Fisher said he believes he has accomplished a great deal that has affected the lives of the people in his community.

He chaired the community group that changed the land-use plan for Bethel Township in Miami County. He also chaired the group that organized the $3.8 million township renewal levee, which passed. He is a founding member and vice president of the Bethel Township Historical Society.

In the 2001 general election, he said he helped uncover the voting flaws committed by the Board of Elections in Miami County. As a result, four of the board members either resigned or were removed, including the director and deputy director.

Fisher remains active in his community. He is part of the Bethel Township Historical Society (2004), Troy Moose (2004), Ohio National Road Association (2005-2007, 2011), vice president of Miami Valley License Beverage Association (1995-2000), RSES Association (2009), Miami County Democratic Party Central Committee (2006), vice c of the Miami County Democratic Party (2008-2012), Cchairman of the Miami County Democratic Party (2012-present), and sergeant-at-arms of the Ohio Democratic Chairs Association (2013 to present).