Local woman turns nursing career legal

By Bethany Royer

February 14, 2014

By Bethany J. Royer

Staff Writer


COVINGTON — Sometimes it helps to be a geek.

“I was the class geek,” said Annette Powers-Kilburn, RN, who recently announced the opening of Powers-Kilburn & Associates, LLC: Legal Nurse Consulting after completing the Milazzo Institute CLNC® (Certified Legal Nurse Consultant) Certification Program. Her geek reference attributed to the work that is required to obtain the distinction such as research and writing papers, something that she enjoys.

“It makes for a really good product when evaluating a case,” continued Powers-Kilburn on the two necessities that has given her an opportunity to join a team of registered nurses and other medical professionals to support legal cases involving medical concerns.

Powers-Kilburn has an extensive clinical experience background, she received her Registered Nurse degree from Kettering College of Medical Arts and holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from The University of Phoenix and a Bachelors of General Studies (Emphasis on Urban Studies and Environmental Interpretation) from the University of New Orleans. Her most recent positions included Assistant Director of Nursing followed by admissions manager at Versailles Healthcare Center. However, while she loved her work, major surgery last year left her with rods in her back and forced her to, “Look for something different and I want to be independent.”

Self-driven and doing well since the surgery, the new legal nurse consultant says the experience, “Also made me realize I need to slow down a bit.” Not that what she is doing now will be slow or simple after launching her own business. One that began with the pursuit of her certification from the Milazzo Institute, listed as the nation’s oldest and largest legal nurse consulting training program.

When asked how she had heard about the certification program, Powers-Kilburn explained it was from other nurses, with an approximate 130 on the national register for the state of Ohio. Meaning, few pursue the chance to do consultant work.

“It’s a commitment, cost and time,” said Powers-Kilburn, as some may perceive the business part intimidating, especially if unfamiliar with the aspects of marketing, for example. “That’s a whole other stumbling block some people can be overwhelmed by.” Her current preparations to attend the Ohio Bar Association Convention to be held in Columbus with her own exhibit part of the marketing. She will also be attending conventions in Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan where a variety of vendors congregate to showcase services provided to attorneys. Those may include liability insurance providers, secure cloud sourcing services, even exhibit designers.

Should a case go to trial items such as posters, videos, or other components that educate the jury and judge as to what is going on in a particular case are created by exhibit designers, explained Powers-Kilburn, exemplifying niche areas that attorneys may utilize for a variety of cases, including her own. As Powers-Kilburn & Associates, LLC, will work with attorneys on seven types of cases: Medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, toxic tort, Worker’s Comp and workplace injuries, criminal, and any other case related to health, illness or injury.

Powers-Kilburn has already undertaken two cases and as an CLNC® Consultant, can provide more than 30 services including evaluating cases for merit (determination on whether a case should be pursued) as well as research to support/refute issues, define standards of care based on appropriate issue, summarize and organize medical records, and location of appropriate expert witnesses.

For more information, visit www.powerskilburn.com.

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