Fort Rowdy Gathering moving to Labor Day weekend

January 29, 2014

By Will E Sanders


COVINGTON — Covington’s annual Fort Rowdy Gathering will now be taking place on Labor Day weekend, the gathering’s board of directors recently announced.

The decision by the committee to move the Gathering to Labor Day weekend came after careful consideration and after it was announced earlier this month that the Piqua Heritage Festival was canceled, said Steve Wright, committee chairman.

The date change will allow the public to enjoy the festival in warmer weather and activities will begin on Saturday morning with a parade through downtown Covington and then followed with a weekend full of fun, food and concerts, he said.

Wright said the committee at this time is undecided on whether or not the Gathering will be taking place on Labor Day, but will be making that decision at a later date.

He said in past years the Gathering “battled colder temperatures in the first week of October” and when a “good opportunity came along” the committee decided to make the Labor Day weekend transition.

The cancellation of the Piqua Heritage Festival played a large part in the decision, he said.

“We definitely would not have made the move,” Wright said. “We have had the Gathering for the past 21 years and there is no way we would have competed with the Piqua Heritage Festival. But once they decided they would not go through with it, we thought it would be a good weekend for us.”

The Mountain Man encampment will be enlarged as a result of the Labor Day weekend move, which will allow for more campers, period vendors, and other activities, Wright said.

“We are already looking at some additional land that we will be picking up in order to expand,” Wright said.

He said the move will also allow more people to attend the Gathering.

“We feel that, being a holiday weekend festival, that people will be looking for something to do and that more people will come out,” Wright said.

The Fort Rowdy Gathering is a fund raising opportunity that celebrates the history of the village of Covington, according to the Gathering’s website.

For more information on the Gathering, visit their website at: www.fortrowdy.org.

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