Writer thanks employer, others in community

By Susan Hartley

January 2, 2014

To the Editor:

I had to write to you hoping you would print this letter.

There’s still some very nice caring people out there. Let me tell you some of them that helped me a whole lot and I wouldn’t be here right now without their help.

One of them is my story manager, Jayson. He’s more than my boss but also my friend. Without his help I wouldn’t be warm, healthy, safe.

The second one is my neighbors next to me. Without their kindness, acceptance of me, all these years, I couldn’t have made it.

The third, cashiers, all other managers, supervisors and every one of the employees of the Piqua Home Depot Store.They help me get over all my sadness and pain from the cancer I’m suffering from. I have no joy in my life anymore but one and that is my job at Home Depot. When I go to work I may be hurting and sad, but I don’t stay that way. They all help cheer me up and make me happy and so forth.

I must (say) God bless all the churches, pantries, Bethany Center, Salvation Army and that nice place in the South Street School building that helps poor people keep power on.

Also, I’d like to (say) God bless L and K Auto for keeping my car running safely without him I couldn’t have my job right now cause I would have no way to get there and back.

Your Loyal Reader

William V. Selle