Commissioners adopt 2014 appropriations

By Will Sanders

January 1, 2014

Will E Sanders

Staff Writer


TROY — Miami County Commissioners approved the 2014 county budget Tuesday and it represents a 1.4 percent increase over last year’s budget appropriations.

Commissioners approved the 2014 appropriations in the amount of $28,379,959, which is nearly $400,000 more than what was budgeted for 2013.

The 1.4 percent increase was the result of establishing the county’s first IT department this year, which has been consolidated countywide and is under the Miami County Auditor’s Office, in addition to other issues.

Commissioner John “Bud” O’Brien said in an interview last week the county’s IT department “has already paid dividends” in 2013.

In addition, the slight budgetary increase is also due to “minor increases in the courts, debt service for completed and anticipated capital expense projects and normal inflationary increases in running an operation the size of Miami County,” the commissioners noted in a press release.

Meanwhile, general fund revenues are conservatively projected at approximately $23.16 million.

And the 2014 appropriations for all county funds, including the general fund, was set at $98.2 million. Projected revenues for all county funds was set at $86.2 million.

The forecasted revenue figures are dependent on sales tax, property tax and what the county expects to receive from the state.

“We are hopeful that there will not be further cuts in the state budget that would adversely affect revenues in Miami County,” commissioners stated in a press release.

Commissioners said they anticipated balancing the budget at $26 million.

This budget year the commissioners reported a budget surplus of nearly $1 million, which will be placed in the county’s reserve fund.

The commissioners thanked fellow county elected officials and department heads for their management of tight budgets.

The approval of the budget is based on projections of estimated revenue, carryover balance and anticipated expenditures in the coming year.

The appropriations process is the second step in a two-step process that allows elected officials to continue with operational spending plans in the coming year.

A copy of the budget is on file at the commissioner’s office or at the auditor’s office.