It’s a shame: Social covering

I don’t often have an opportunity to speak in length with my very awesome college representative (counselor), but last week that all changed when it came time to discuss my impending graduation. He wanted to know whether or not I plan to pursue a master’s degree come 2015, something I’ve been mulling, but the inquire put more weight and reality to it.Noting the mull, my counselor went on to inquire as to my curre...

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‘A hell of a foray’

If an Israeli high-level official were caught on a hot mic candidly commenting on Secretary of State John Kerry’s ill-fated act of Israel-Hamas peacemaking, he might call it “a hell of a diplomatic foray.”Kerry was caught sarcastically describing the Israeli offensive into Gaza as “a hell of a pinpoint operation” during his round of Sunday-show interviews two weeks ago, before telling his aide over the phone, “We’ve got to get over there,&#...

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Dear Grandparenting: We have three grown daughters. Two are married and the third might as well be. I have never made a secret about how I would like to have grandchildren while I am still young enough to spoil and enjoy them. My sisters all have their grandchildren. I have nothing. I have told my daughters that a grandchild would make me the happiest person in the world. What do I get? Nothing. I can’t pinpoint the reason why my daughters have not cooperated. I could write a book on th...

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Hoping to never have to go through IT again

Even though patients leave doctors’ offices fully informed regarding same-day-surgery procedures, a trip through the Pre-Admission Testing Department is often advisable. Patients can become so saturated with new information that they’re unable to absorb it all. Poorly prepared, they can cause delays in schedules that are expensive as well as annoying to all involved. It happens to patients of all ages but I recall one sweet old man who thought he was doing everything right. Expect...

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What’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander

You probably don’t know Richard Stoff. In fact, unless you are really interested or immersed in the world of business there is no reason for you to know him, since he is President and CEO of the Ohio Business Roundtable. The truth is I hadn’t heard of him either until soon after the last gubernatorial election when he was quoted as praising the wonderful work our current governor was doing for education. Since I believe there have been few governors who have been worse for educati...

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(No heading)

To the Editor:The Piqua Fun Fliers thank all the businesses that contributed door prizes for our July 26 Fun Fly, including Advance Auto, O’Reillys, Piqua Battery, Red Lobster, AAA, Auto Zone, East of Chicago, Cracker Barrel, Pizza Hut, Waffle House, Long John Silvers, Wendy’s, Domino’s, El Sombrero, Cassano’s, Headquarters, and Taco Bell.We appreciate your generosity.Beverly SchremppFun Fliers member

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Sincere thanks to volunteers

My sincere thanks go out to the 120 POWW volunteers that descended onto The Great Miami River on Saturday 7/19/14 to pick up the trash and tires as part of The Clean Sweep of The Great Miami River.A very large thank you to our main sponsor, Cargill. We also want to say our appreciation to our major sponsors: Atlantis, Miami Conservancy District, City of Sidney, Honda, American Rivers, Butler County storm Water District, and Cox Media Group.Our numbers are in and POWW vol...

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Improving Veterans’ health care

Last week, I introduced Robert McDonald, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA), at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. The next day, the Committee –13 other senators and I – voted unanimously to approve his nomination. The full Senate must now vote on his confirmation.I voted in support of Robert McDonald’s nomination because I believe he possesses the skills and integrity needed to advo...

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Tackling our nation’s budget problems, head on

Each year, Washington spends billions of dollars more than it takes in, and the problem will only get worse. The recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) long-term budget outlook shows a $40 trillion increase in debt over the next two decades. Even soaring tax receipts will not be able to keep up with surging spending, which has put us on the road to fiscal calamity. So why aren’t more people talking about it, and why aren’t we doing anything to fix it?It’s a bipa...

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Help for the day

It would be difficult to get much more perfect summer weather than what we have been experiencing. Last night we had a nice rain that cut the humidity and cooled everything and everyone off once more.My 16-year-old sister, Mary Grace, who lives next door is here helping me for the day. We are doing cleaning in preparation for Daniel’s family from Danville, Ohio who plan to come for a visit this weekend. We’re excited to see them again. We also did some cooking today. Wi...

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Manufacturing jobs bill one step closer to becoming law

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) and Roy Blunt’s (R-MO) bipartisan manufacturing jobs legislation moved one step closer to becoming law. Today, the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee passed their bipartisan manufacturing hubs bill, the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (RAMI). Brown-Blunt would establish a National Network of Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) and create thousands of high-paying, high-tech manufacturing jobs wh...

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Garage sales all over Miami County

How many garage sale enthusiasts do we have out there? Spring, summer, and early fall, signs advertise them all over Miami County.Like a lot of folks, I enjoy finding a useful bargain among another individual’s discarded treasures. Take the morning when I snagged a really good deal on a Black & Decker hedge trimmer. No more 20-year-old rusty manual clippers for me.

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Milestone for the community

Earlier this month, the City of Piqua learned that is one of a handful of local governments in the United States to be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the International City/County Management Association’s Center for Performance Analytics. Whew, that is a mouthful.

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Selling mistakes

Don’t price your home too high. It is no secret that price is everything. Overpricing does more to discourage buyers than any other single factor. When you overprice, you put your home in competition with homes that may be newer, larger or have more amenities than yours. You help your competition sell their homes. This leads to long days on the market and costs you money in the long run. Listen to your real estate agent who ...

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Read the book or watch the movie: What’s your preference?

Several years ago I found myself held hostage to a family promise. The Hunger Games had just arrived at our local cinema and some members of my family, aka my children, were very excited about joining their friends for opening night. Unfortunately that could not happen because I had not read the book. That’s right once again dad was responsible for holding our children at bay from partaking in a perceived mandatory adolescent social phenomenon!

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