GRANDPARENTINGBY TOM AND DEE AND COUSIN KEYDear Grandparenting: I like to stay active. I have always been a swimmer and picked up the habit of manual labor growing up on a farm. God has been good. I am going on 75 and people say I look 60! I am the grandmother of seven. I live near a city with a professional basketball team. My girlfriend mentioned she heard saw the team was having tryouts for senior dancers to entertain the fans. I applied and was accepted. We get out t...

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A vote ‘for’ levy is logical choice

To the Editor:It will be a logical and good decision to vote for the renewal of a small permanent improvement levy for Piqua City Schools when we see it on our ballot on May 6. We certainly intend to support it, and we would urge you to do the same. Why such a good decision? Consider the following:• It is a renewal levy. That means absolutely no increase in property taxes.• Money from this permanent improvement levy will not be used for salaries no...

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French: elect ‘best qualified candidate’

To the Editor:The position of Court of Common Pleas Judge is very important to maintain law, order and the social fabric of a community.Such a judge should be a person of high intelligence, wide legal experience, maturity, good judgment, excellent training and qualifications, experience in a variety of communities, and be as independent as possible from “power structures” or political parties.In the Republican Primary in Miami County, two candidate...

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The skinny on holiday dieting

I love Easter. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. It’s just the weeks after the holidays that are a problem.There is one thing that all these events have in common. Food. Lots of food. Since I try to be as polite as possible, I would never dream of offending anyone by not eating all the great food people spend so much time making for h...

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Unraveling the mystery of the Common Core

In recent weeks, the public debate about the Common Core has reached a crescendo. Unfortunately, much of the discussion has occurred in the political arena where intelligent discourse takes a back seat to political rhetoric. As a result, people with an interest in learning more about what it all means must try to wade through the chaff. I hope I can provide some clarity to the issue.Let’s begin by addressing some of the political propaganda that has been inserted into the deb...

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Does the majority rule?

Let’s pretend for a moment that people diagnosed on the autism spectrum now make up 90 percent of the population. The remaining 10 percent of the population are “typical” people and have not been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There is nothing significantly unique or different about the 10 percent. In fact, these people act alike.The autism spectrum population includes people who are verbal and non-verbal, genius or not, social or not, and confo...

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Making memories

As of this weekend, many of this nation’s large amusement parks will be open for the season. Almost instantly, these large parcels of land filled with metal and concrete will come alive with screams and smiles as games will be played and roller coasters will fly once again. For me, these are special places.

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Cancer patients need protection

To the Editor:A bill before the House Health and Aging Committee could protect cancer patients in Ohio who need oral or topical chemotherapy but have an insurance plan that doesn’t cover it the same way as IV chemotherapy. Cancer patients desperately need this kind of coverage because not all chemotherapy treatments are the same and not all patients respond the same way. State Bill 99 is critical to ensuring that cancer patients in Ohio receive the physician-recommended treat...

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Meet my new hero

I have a new hero, and his name is Rick Roach. Mr. Roach is one of the most famous school board members in Florida, where he has served on a local board for twenty years. He has recently announced that he won’t be running for a fifth term, because he now realizes that he has been trying to make a difference in the lives of children within a political system that is so broken that it mutes intelligent people like him. But, not running for re-election doesn’t mean he is giving up th...

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Letter to the editor

To the Editor:We the taxpayers of Piqua are paying for a service that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Mainly they’re lazy, thinking they got us over a barrel.We ought to fire them and get a recycling company that isn’t afraid of honest work and is true in line with saving room in our landfills. America is slowly going green but our recycling company we are paying for is not.They are lazy, picky, snotty, and just don’t ...

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Letter to the editor

To the Editor:I will vote no on the Piqua Schools tax renewal. Some of the spending of these tax dollars in the past was very foolish.Gary KelleyPiqua

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Happy (SPOILER!) ending

Warning: Some movie and book spoilers for Gravity, Europa Report, Last Days on Mars and the Martian ensue Space-themed movies and books always seem to end on a depressing note with humans meeting a nasty death and generally star or feature men. Last year’s space movies were no exception minus Gravity, a film with many positive attributes including a strong female lead and the inclusion of a (SPOILER!) happy ending.

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April’s Columbine Challenge 15 years later

The threat of school violence is all too real for me. As a school administrator’s wife, at two different public systems, I’ve lived through a bomb threat and lock down with my husband inside the endangered buildings. Yet as a journalist, there is no violent episode more personally memorable than the one that occurred in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999. Fifteen years ago, employed as a west central Ohio television reporter, I was horrified by the live footage of bloodied bod...

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Living With Children

By John K RosemondI recently came across a 1951 article my late mother saved from the Charleston S.C. News and Courier. Titled “Agency Offers Pointers on How Parents Can Guide Their Child’s Emotional Development,” it is proof that parents and professionals of three generations ago possessed a wealth of common sense, a quality that has since become most uncommon.

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Blazing a trail forward

Doing a good job takes a lot of work, but it makes a difference. Contributing to a community takes a lot of work, but it makes a difference. And blazing a trail forward takes a lot of work, but it definitely makes a difference.

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